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8 Satisfying, Filling Foods for Weight Loss

Posted By JessicaSmithTV on Nov 5, 2010 at 9:03AM

70 percent of dieters say that hunger is their number one obstacle when it comes to weight loss. We say – when you are hungry, you should eat something!

If you are trying to lose weight, you don’t have to exist on celery sticks alone. In fact, skip all that ‘diet food’ in general (i.e. those “reduced fat” cookies) – it’s mostly processed stuff and it doesn’t help curb the hunger monster. Instead, choose one of these full-filling foods as a snack or make a mini-meal to help you stay fuller, longer (please note – there isn’t a salad on the list!):

#1: Potatoes. Surprise! It may seem shocking that a white potato tops the list as the best weight loss food around, but it ranked #1 on the satiety scale in a 2008 study done by the University of Sydney.  And, at only 150 calories and 0g of fat per plain, baked medium sized potato, that’s a whole lot of filling nutrition, without many calories or fat grams.

#2: Salmon. Fish ranks higher than lean beef or chicken when it comes to filling protein sources, and salmon is rich is omega-3 fatty acids which may actually help your body naturally burn up more fat.

3#: Oatmeal. Oatmeal moves through your digestive system slowly, making them a great way to stay full, manage your blood sugar and even lower your cholesterol. And you don’t just have to eat it for breakfast, try adding it into a meatloaf or into meatballs (instead of breadcrumbs) for dinner.

#4: Oranges. At only 80calories each, and with lots of fiber and vitamin C, oranges are a great snack choice. Skip the OJ and eat the orange instead – you’ll fill up more for fewer calories.

#5: Steak. According to a recent study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,women on a diet that included red meat lost more weight than those eating equal calories but little beef.

#6: Popcorn. If you like quantity when it comes to your snacks, this is the perfect food for you! Plus, new research shows that popcorn eaters get 250% more whole grains in their diet than people who don’t eat it. And at only 105 calories for three cups of plain popped, you can eat a lot of it! Watch out for butter toppings and artificial flavorings, which can add up fat & cals fast. Make your own instead: we love this recipe for cheesy popcorn by eatingwell.com.

#7: Eggs. At only 70 calories each, eggs contain 13 essential nutrients, 6g of protein and only 4g of fat. Numerous studies have shown that eating eggs in the morning can help you stay more full, and lose more weight than eating a bagel breakfast.

#8: Avocados. When you want to lose fat, eat fat – it’s good for you (especially the kind of unsaturated fat found in avocados). Studies have shown that consuming a modest amount of fat is what helps keep you satisfied after a meal. At around 300 cals and 29g of fat (only 4g saturated), avocados also come with over 4g of protein, 13g of fiber and over 20 vitamins and nutrients.